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SRYI7YCADNFixed a Domino Server crash when refreshing the cache that stores information for Internet Site documents.
JTHN84HS2EFixed a problem where Notes clients would crash during typeahead, or calendar entry creation if they had a locally based CDC. This regression was...
TDON7L4FBSIndirectly fixed by resolving SPR JTHN84HS2E where Notes clients would crash during typeahead, or calendar entry creation if they had a locally based...
JDAE6UTVQJFixes LDAP Search filter for modifytimestamp to return matching entries. Added functionality to enable the determination of a "ModifyTimeStamp"...
MSER7YYQVWThe Domino server may crash on the Update task when the auto populate feature is trying to update entries in the Domino Directory. This error is...
GSFA7V5K8MFixes resolves condensed Directory Catalogs can sort incorrectly on similar distinguished names. Regression since 7.04 fixed in...
CBRN877R3SFixes an issue where Domino is not recognizing SUP syntax (descr) in LDAP schema of remote TDS server, which is configured through Directory...
JMOE5WQL5NFixes a behavior in Directory Assistance - When set up as a configuration directory, and using DA cluster feature, directory assistance will not find...
CJMS87TLZSFix to allow "mail=" searches on a FTI'ed NAB to return users who not only which have a Forwarding Address but also those who only have an Internet...
KYOE6QSA3PFix to remove the duplicate result listed for one contact when searching "Local Address Books" from Notes Client. Regression in...
DSAN87TMLTFixed intermittent Domino Server Crash in Http during authentication when doing a remote call via Directory Assistance to an LDAP...
CAML8DN5XPFixed an issue where internal addresses were not added to Recent Contacts if local Directory Catalog has been configured
XCXC8EJ4JAFix resolves a memory leak & error within the Domino LDAP server when used with IBM Lotus Connections. It is recommended customers use one filter...
VPRS8GGSVJFixed a potential Domino crash during directory name look-up.
CBRN894RHG Added support for LDAP Dynamic Groups in IBM Tivoli Directory Server.
AJMO8DVLZHFix mitigates Domino Server performance problems when Notes Client performs sync of recent contacts.
BBSZ8G2DHL Fixed rename updating of groups when Domain name includes special characters such as " รค ."
ALAS8EL5SFFixed crash in LDAPCompare where Domino server is configured for Activity Logging of LDAP.
PPET78CGG6 Fixed full text index directory searches using "mail =" to return correct results in the case where Forwarding Address is populated with an internet...
JCHS7VJT88Fixed a Domino Server crash due to rare memory leak in directory search processing code.
JCAR8EHFJCFixed a problem introduced in 8.5.2 where Directory Assistance will not find some names in remote Secondary names.nsf.
MSER8BJ6RRFixed memory management crash in directory services that only occurs under low memory conditions.
KCAL88GBASAddressed issues where iNotes would unexpectedly search secondary directories that were configured exclusive for Group Authorization or Credential...
ASBR864DY2A customer may see this message in the Domino console if they have edited their Domino Directory with the Eclipse based Notes Designer Client. ...
MHES86ETHSWhen using Directory Assistance to a remote LDAP server, sometimes the connection can be reset but Domino does not realize the connection has been...
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